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I Need to Rehome a Pet

If you cannot possibly keep your pet, try to rehome it directly. Shelters and rescues are often full (especially during summer months) and it would likely be more stressful for your pet to go to a shelter or foster first than go straight to a new home. You have a better chance to convey all information about your pet (and hear updates) if you are in contact with the new owners.

We strongly recommend charging a rehoming fee of at least $20 (some sites may require higher). There are some people who may use cats or kittens for snake food, dog fighting, or mutilate them. While a small fee is no guarantee of deterring people with such evil intent, it makes your pet less tempting than free animals. Ask about why they want a pet, any history of prior pets, whether other pets are spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Say no if your gut tells you it is not the right home.

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