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brown tabby with white kitten

Ways to Get Involved


Provide a foster home for kittens & cats while they wait to be adopted or for a momma cat while she has her kittens. Being a foster is a great option for anyone on a tight budget or with unclear plans for the future. We provide vet care, supplies, and support. Fosters usually provide food, litter, and lots of love & attention. 

Give your talents and skills

Other Ways You Can Make a Difference

  • Help trap community cats for the elderly & disabled

  • Volunteer at our adoption events

  • Design & post flyers around town to publicize our kitties needing homes

  • Develop social media content

  • Help raise funds so more cats can get spayed/neutered

  • Follow us on social media. Like and share our posts so that we can reach more people

  • Offer connections or partnerships

  • Start a Facebook Fundraiser

  • Refer us to someone 


Make a monetary donation.

Add the iGive extension to your browser so we get a donation for every tab you open or purchase you make in their network!

Help us with food and supplies.

Add us as your charity on the Amazon website & in the Amazon App so we earn a percentage of what you spend (at no cost to you).

Help us with food and supplies.

Add us as your organization for Community Rewards

We are a 501c3 non-profit EIN 27-2596346.

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