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I Found a Cat

What to Do with Found Animals in Brazos County

What to Do with Friendly Cats

  • Take to a shelter or vet clinic to scan for a microchip.

  • Check all the local pet Lost & Found resources in case it is someone's lost pet.

  • Take to Bryan Animal Center (if found in Bryan) or Aggieland Humane Society (if found elsewhere in Brazos County) within 3 days. If you care for the cat longer than 3 days, the animal will be considered your pet, and you will be charged a surrender fee at Aggieland Humane Society and need to wait until they have space for intake.

  • Consider rehoming the cat yourself.

  • DO NOT take a cat that you cannot pet or pickup to a shelter (pursue TNR instead).

Kitten up to 12

What to Do with Young Kittens

Whether to bring a found kitten inside

Here are some resources if you determine the kitten should be brought indoors. Six Kitten Rescue takes in orphaned kittens under 8 weeks old and pregnant cats. The shelters are good options for tame cats and kittens over 8 weeks old. In some cases, BCS Spay might be able to help if you are able to foster. Fill out a foster application and send us an email.

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